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Doctorate and other courses related to ion channels in which SICI memebers take part

Doctorate Course “Functional Genomics and Proteomics” mainly covering aspects about ion channels. This course is included in the Molecular and Cellular Biology Doctorate Program from the Miguel Hernandez University in Elche.(Spain). Organizer: Dr. Antonio Ferrer Montiel.

Official Neuroscience Interuniversity Postgraduate Program, taught by the three Galician Universities (Santiago, Vigo and A Coruña). This program is based on an Official Masters taught over two years providing multidisciplinary tanning in Neuroscience which includes a Doctorate course that has been awarded a quality accreditation by the MICINN (Spanish Science and Innovation Ministry). Dr J. Antonio Lamas is its Director and Coordinator, for Vigo University, and he teaches a course of 30 hours entitled “Ionic Channels and neuronal behaviour. Introduction to channelopathies”. This course is an introduction to electrophysiological techniques for the study of channels, mainly “Patch-Clamp” technique. In addition, properties of Potasium, Sodium, Calcium and other channels will be studied. Providing information about its structure, pharmacology, electrical properties, function in cellular behaviour and a small introduction to the channelopathies they generate.

Dr Vicente Felipo has the Santiago Grisolia Chair from the City of Arts and Sciences Foundation in Valencia (Spain). From this chair plenary lectures and international symposia are organized each year, relating to different subjects from Neuroscience and Biomedicine discipline.

All the information on these activities can be found on the web page:

Course "Experimental models for disease research: From Biophysics to ion channel pathology" taught by Dr. A. Morales as part of the Biomedicine Masters at Alicante University.

Courses: “Biomedicine methods: electrophysiology” and “Cellular Physiology” taught by doctors Diego Alvarez de la Rosa and Teresa Giráldez part of the Biomedicine Masters at La Laguna University

Course "Introduction to patch-clamp and voltage clamp techniques", "Cellular excitiability and volatage- and calcium dependent potasium channels" and "Computer simulation of voltage and current clamp experiments" taugth by Dr. A. Lamas as part of the Oficial Neuroscience and Behaviour Biology Masters at the Pablo Olavide University in Seville

Hot Topic Seminars: Neuropathic pain, organised by Dr. A. Felipe, part of Master Program in Biomedicine. Universitat de Barcelona.

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