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On December 31th 2014 the SICI project came to an end with a very positive overall balance. As a result of the project, more than 130 collaborations were established, producing more than 70 joint publications out of a total of 432 articles published by SICI members throughout the duration of the project. Furthermore, 13 patent applications have been produced as part of this collaborative effort, some of which have been extended internationally. Finally, two spin offs have been created during this time.


SICI´s science in the media:

Dr Francisco Ciruela´s group test a novel technique based on biosensors that allows a more acute classification of analgesics according to its effects VIDEO

Dr Borges awarded with "Premio Institucional de Investigación de la ULL 2014"

Dr Martínez de la Cruz in the media after his PNAS article on CBS struture, a relevant protein in homocystinuria Press article (Spanish)

Óscar Millet participates in a radio programme about preventative medicine Podcast (Spanish)

Óscar Millet gives the lecture "How long can we live?" Video (Spanish)

Óscar Millet gives a lecture on rare diseases Video (Spanish)

Isabel Pérez Otaño´s publishes an article with promising results to fight Huntington´s Disease Press article (Spanish)

Huntington´s disease patient donates part of his pension to fund Isabel Pérez Otaño´s research Press article (Spanish)

Op ed Article: Seguridad e Hipocresía (Spanish) Author: Prof Antonio Ferrer Montiel

Dr Borges published his book "La Logia del Fármaco" in 2013, a collection of short stories about pharmacology. More info (only available in Spanish)

Dissemination articles

hERG; un canal de potasio implicado en el ritmo cardiaco y mucho más (in Spanish) by Pilar de la Peña´s group

Los químicos y el descubrimiento de fármacos (in Spanish) by Ángel Messeguer

La resonancia magnética natural en la biología actual (in Spanish) by Jose Luis Neira

Los receptores de glutamato como dianas moleculares en la terapia de enfermedades neurológicas (in Spanish) by Sonia Marco, Isabel Pérez Otaño and Rafael Luján

Canales iónicos: una pequeña degustación para empezar (in Spanish) by Antonio Felipe

La encefalopatía hepática; una desconocida con alta incidencia by Vicente Felipo

Conectados por conexinas by Luis Barrio and Daniel González

El receptor nicotínico de Acetilcolina by Manuel Criado

El cóctel intravesicular (o el camarote de los Hermanos Marx) by Marta Rodríguez Pardo, José D. Machado y Ricardo Borges

toxinas/venenos y canales iónicos by Rosario González

Meet our researchers:

Dr. Teresa Giraldéz and Dr. Diego Alvarez de la Rosa

Dr. Rafael Luján

Dr. Enrique Pérez Paya

Dr. Diego Guerin

Dr. Ángel Messeguer

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