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The Spanish Ion Channel Initiative Consolider Project (CSD2008-00005) is a consortium dedicated to the study of ion channels, with a multidisciplinary research approach. It comprises research groups with expertise in the areas of: Physiology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Structural Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacology. By bringing together all these different but complementary scientific disciplines this 5 year project is warranted strong synergy and streamlined methods which should translate into a number of results in many of the fields of ion channel study.

Private companies and research groups that may be interested in the results generated and the techniques used by members of SICI, can collaborate in the project by becoming an EPO (Promotor/Observer entities).

The advantages of becoming an EPO are:

-Access to results and patents.

-The possibility of establishing agreements with members of the consortium to develop novel protocols or techniques.

-Access to new reagents developed within the project such as: constructs, mutants etc …

-The possibility of promoting the company among the members of the consortium.

The existing SMEs associated with SICI are: DiverDrugs, AdvanCell, Esteve, Nutracitrus, GP Pharm, GSK, Neuropharma (now called NOSCIRA), Digna Biotech, Janssen-Cilag and Neuroscience Technologies.

To become an EPO simply follow the two steps below:

1. Provide a short description of the company’s activities and potential contribution to the project. EPOS can commit themselves to support, collaborate and/or contribute to the activities of the consortium to different degrees, depending on their field of interest. When describing your company please indicate what you can offer to the project.

Please send your description to us by mail or email.

2. To confirm your interest in participating as an EPO please send us a signed  Expression of Interest (model for a EOI).

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